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Competency #8: Facilitates Client Growth

ICF Core Competency 8: Facilitates Client Growth

Competency #7: Evokes Awareness

ICF Core Competency 7: Evokes Awareness

Competency #6: Listens Actively

ICF Core Competency 6: Listens Actively

Competency #5: Maintains Presence

ICF Core Competency 5: Maintains Presence

Competency #4: Cultivates Trust and Safety

ICF Core Competency #4: Cultivates Trust and Safety

Competency #3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

ICF Core Competency #3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements

Competency #2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset

ICF Core Competency #2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset

Competency #1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice

ICF Core Competency #1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice

@CoachingThruIt Season 3: What Are Coaching Core Competencies?

In this season we have 8 ICF Core Competencies to dig into. We talk about what they are, how we apply these to coaching, and the questions we should reflect more on.

Values & Alignment Coaching with @amersy

Amy Corron helps others figure out what is most important to align their work and life goals. We reflect on our early coaching cohort days and develop new questions as...

Accountability in Coaching

Accountability -- what is it good for (in coaching)? Loads! Coaching is more than a check-list, homework, or an action plan -- it’s learning how you find your own way ...

Transformative Coaching & Mentoring Coaches with @jaskey

Cutting through the bullshit to deal with the real issues with Coach Jennifer Askey -- is just what Julie & Laura needed for this episode of @CoachingThruIt

In Our Coaching Library

What we're learning to support our coaching clients and practice -- check it out!

Designing Backwards by Looking Forward with @m_lauriem

On getting started with your coach training and developing your coaching practice with Laurie Maynell.

Peer & Group Coaching

Group coaching programs, peer-to-peer coaching, and piloting coaching in community are key topics on this episode of Coaching Through It!

On Being Brave & Bold as a Coach with Liz Cruz

Coach Liz Cruz reminds us to -- Be bold, define your worth, and build a practice intentionally from/with the community of clients you coach.

On Becoming a Certified Coach

Coaching certification: What is it good for? A whole lot! Ethics, a professional community, and continued learning... OH MY! It's more than just a credential!

Building & Marketing Your Coaching Business with @WildOneRising

We talk with Molly about getting out of your own way to create a coaching business that you actually want to own and share with the world!

What Exactly is Executive Coaching?

It's a sacred space for executives to work out the leadership skills and desired attributes to help them support people and projects in a more meaningful way.

Finding Your Coaching Voice with @IsabeauIqbal

From getting started with your coaching business to evolving in your professional identity as a coach, this episode dives deep with fellow coach, Isabeau Iqbal -- enjoy!

Coaches Need Coaching, Too!

Self-care in coaching -- coaches need a coach as well! So, let's talk about how and where we find support for ourselves in our coaching practice.

Coach to Coach Chat with @Katie__Linder & @LauraPasquini

It's another cross-over podcast episode! Coach to Coach + @CoachingThruIt shares a candid conversation... enjoy!

Who Do You [Want to] Coach?

Who do we coach? What is our niche area of coaching? Join us as we explore these questions and more on @CoachingThruIt!

Coach to Coach Chat with @Katie__Linder & @JulieCLarsen

It's a cross-over podcast episode! @CoachingThruIt is sharing an episode of the Coach to Coach podcast!

Questions to Ask A Coach

What exactly is coaching? How can you tell if you're hiring a coach or a consultant? What questions should you ask a coach during an exploration session? These questio...

Season 2 Intro: Trust the Process

We're back, baby! Welcome to Coaching Through It, Season 2 -- this episode will give you a taste of what's ahead...

The Business of Coaching

For the final episode of season 1, we reflect on our 6 months of coach training, what we are going to do with these skills, and how we're thinking about our practice/b...

Asking Powerful Questions

We’ve got the powerful (questions)... and it’s getting kind of heavy. Laura and Julie share how they are being curious and asking open, powerful questions with their c...

Making Distinctions & Defining Terms

Listen to episode no. 8 of Coaching Through It, where Laura & Julie discuss extras to questions, comparison, definitions, and emotions in coaching.

Coach the Client, Not the Problem

In this episode of Coaching Through It, we remove the "help" and replace it with "support" in our roles as coaches to trust the client and let them lead us to their ow...

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