Transformative Coaching & Mentoring Coaches with @jaskey

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Cutting through the bullshit to deal with the real issues with Coach Jennifer Askey -- is just what Julie & Laura needed for this episode of @CoachingThruIt
Jennifer Askey, Ph.D. works with academic leaders and leaders-to-be in a down-to-earth and engaging approach that utilizes emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness to help her clients navigate the internal and external obstacles of their professional worlds. She focuses on career planning and transition, as well as team effectiveness. Jennifer utilizes assessments, such as DISC, EQi-2.0, Belbin Team Roles, and 360s to help her clients and their organizations gain new insights and develop forward-looking plans for change. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with CTI, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through ICF. Jennifer is pursuing certification with Positive Intelligence and the International Mindfulness Teachers Association

"“If we have a precious hour together...what are you doing that we can advance? Or what’s in your way that we can get around or over in this time? How can I help you move from point A to point B?” ~ Jennifer Askey
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Transformative Coaching & Mentoring Coaches with @jaskey
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