Coaching Practice, Observations, & Making Space

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In this @CoachingThruIt episode, Laura & Julie share about their coaching sessions and developing their coaching practice.
During coaching sessions with peers in their coach training cohort, Julie & Laura “practice coaching” -- which is to say they coach each other on real issues to implement the structure, concepts, and techniques we are learning from our coach training course. Here are some of their observations of this coach practice and what this means when we are “observed” with our coaching instructor, Katie. 

We mention a few coaching tools and things we discuss during this episode:
  • Powerful Questions 
  • Exercise/Tool from Julie: “Give Me Three Words” + Let’s make a sentence for each of the words; narrowing to identify values/issues/goals/interests
  • Defining Terms
  • Clearing
  • Trust the Client (always)
  • Bottom-lining
  • Repeating & Affirming Statements
  • Avoiding Interpretation as a Coach
  • Making Space: for the coaching practice; OK Corral/Bumpers/Perimeter for Coaching
  • Holding Space: for the client to clear, rant, reflect, etc.
  • ICF Professional Coach Credentialing
  • Laura’s Doodles to Reflect/Process
  • Journaling (Reflective Writing) e.g. 1-minute journal prompts
  • To-Do Lists & Prioritization
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Coaching Practice, Observations, & Making Space
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