Asking Powerful Questions

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We’ve got the powerful (questions)... and it’s getting kind of heavy. Laura and Julie share how they are being curious and asking open, powerful questions with their coaching clients.
On this episode of @CoachingThruIt Laura and Julie do a walk-through of what powerful questions are and how they are used in coaching practice and as a skill in life.

“They help the coach and the client to seek understanding and find clarity around any issue, challenge, or topics that a client brings to the session.” Via Dr. Katie Linder

Elements of powerful questions:
  • They are short.
  • They often start with “what” and “how” stems.
  • They are open-ended.
  • They are non-judgmental.
  • They come from a place of curiosity.
  • They are focused on the client.
  • They are goal-oriented.
  • They are followed by silence.
Phrasing powerful questions around:
  • Past / Present / Future
  • Learn / Be / Do

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Asking Powerful Questions
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