Values & Alignment Coaching with @amersy

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Amy Corron helps others figure out what is most important to align their work and life goals. We reflect on our early coaching cohort days and develop new questions as we're coaching through it!
Amy Corron (she/her) is an innovative and creative higher education professional who is passionate about effective facilitation, curriculum design, intergroup dialogue pedagogy, and coaching. She is currently an Associate Director/Lecturer for the Archer Center for Student Leadership at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and an International Coaching Federation trained coach specializing in values-based coaching for academics and higher education professionals.  She believes in the transformative power of coaching, and utilizes a coaching mindset in all areas of her work to help those around her find greater alignment and joy in their work and lives. Learn more about Amy’s coaching at:
“In coaching, you’re the one holding the space and helping your client work through whatever they’re bringing to you. It’s not about what you’re bringing to them.” ~Amy Corron, on letting go of “the plan” as a coach.
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Values & Alignment Coaching with @amersy
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