@CoachingThruIt Season 3: What Are Coaching Core Competencies?

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In this season we have 8 ICF Core Competencies to dig into. We talk about what they are, how we apply these to coaching, and the questions we should reflect more on.
For Season 3 of Coaching Through It, Julie & Laura dive into the eight (8) core competencies that guide their coaching practice as outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Use this as a study guide if you're a coach working towards your credentials or learn more about the practice if you're "coach curious" -- these episodes will get into coaching applied from this framework.

Interested in studying along? Here are the ICF Core Competencies resources we'll be using for this season:
What questions do you have about the ICF Core Competencies?
If you're coaching, how are you putting these into practice?

Want to learn more about coaching? Have a question or topic we should discuss? Let us know!
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@CoachingThruIt Season 3: What Are Coaching Core Competencies?
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