All the Feels in Coaching + Storytelling

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In this episode of @CoachingThruIt, Julie & Laura dig into what happens when you are coaching a client and they have ALL THE FEELS. Plus they unpack the concept of storytelling and what it means for their coaching practice.
On the podcast, Laura & Julie chat about the fishbowl coaching exercise and what it feels like to coach without an agenda!  
  • Let the client lead; trust the client
  • Raw feelings/emotions: to dig in or not?
  • Time in practice coaching sessions
All The Feels
What happens if you recognize your coaching client needs to talk more about emotions rising or feelings coming up related to issues from the past -- we would refer out to therapy:
Visual representation of self as a coach via video conferencing: 
  • How should we emote as a coach?
  • How do you keep your facial expressions neutral?
  • Top model style: Tongue to the roof of your mouth and shoulders back
“Not needing to hear story” [in coaching]
How does the story fit into or does not fit into coaching?
Story opens up the ideas, examples, and emotions related to the “How” and “what” questions.
Comparison of emotions or ideas from the past to now.

Working It Out with Mike Birbiglia
What story is on a loop in your head from childhood?

What’s influencing your thoughts, mood, or mental space?
Is this information seeking for yourself OR helping a client make connections?
We don’t need the tea spilled in coaching.

What were we doing 3-5 years ago that got us to where we are today?
Great question for learning what time & perspective 

Other coaching styles -- some include storytelling, metaphors, etc. 
E.g. Coach: Katy Peplin

Fishbowl Coaching: similar to fishbowl discussions you have 1 person observing and the other two practice being the coach and coaching client. Things we learned:
  • Nimble coaching: improv, just listen & ask powerful questions without an agenda
  • Sticking to an agenda: how does this impact getting deep with this structure?
  • Powerful questions: phrase questions how we would approach and ask these open-ended questions
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All the Feels in Coaching + Storytelling
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