Season 2 Intro: Trust the Process

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We're back, baby! Welcome to Coaching Through It, Season 2 -- this episode will give you a taste of what's ahead...
And we’re back! For Season 2 of Coaching Through It -- we have so much to share! During our break we’ve been in a couple of other coach training courses and are learning a whole lot about ourselves in our coaching practice. This episode will introduce you to the topics and ideas ahead for season 2 of the pod.

  • Values-focused Coaching Tools & Confronting Obstacles
  • Habit Building, Creating Change, & Group Coaching Fundamentals

Topics we want to chat about for this season of Coaching Through It:
  • Marketing & publicizing our coach practice
  • Niche or Ideal Clients - Who should I be coaching?
  • Coaching for Stakeholders (sponsored coaching)
  • Executive Coaching - leadership development
  • Group Coaching Programs

Coaching questions asked and answered:
  • What’s your favorite or “go to” coaching question(s)?
  • What are/were your barriers to start your coaching practice?
  • What advice would you give your past self, as a coach?
Want to learn more about coaching? Have a question or topic we should discuss? Are you a coach who wants to chat with us during Season 2 of the pod? Just let us know!
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Season 2 Intro: Trust the Process
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